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Tackle Tips

June 2015

New in the Line Up

French blades have always been only in the smooth finish. We are now extending the line to include hammered, in all sizes, all finishes.  To review the blades, visit the French Blades page. If you need a sample, please let us know.  Give us a call at 715-344-6081 or send us an email at

June 2015

We always review our pricing around this time of year as prices go into effect July 1st. We are very happy to announce that for the catalog items, there will not be any price increases.

The catalog is still available on CD or a Flash drive.  We will be having a booth at **ICAST, Booth #2115** so please stop by to say hi and let us know what we can help you with.

June 2015

By now you should have seen a few extra emails in your company inbox. Here at Worth we have decided to make a small improvement toward a greener planet by emailing all of our customer **Order Confirmations** and **Invoices**. You might be interested to know that we also email all of our **Purchase Orders** and supplier **Quotation Requests**. We've been emailing **Customer Quotes** for quite some time, so this completes our changeover. When you add the fact that we now email our company newsletters to our customers, and provide all our catalog material by website, CD, or thumb drive, we...

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