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Tackle Tips

April 2016

Over the past year we have been advising everyone about requirements for your Federal Excise Tax number, Form 637. This form allows you to not be charged the Federal Excise Tax on fishing lure components.

Your tax certificate number from the IRS will take one of the following forms:

1)    Letter “A” at the end of your number allows you to SELL tax exempt
2)    Letter “B” at the end of your number allows you to BUY tax exempt
3)    Letter “AB” at the end of the number allows you to BUY & SELL tax exempt....

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January 2016


Did you notice that US Postal Service had a price increase effective January 17, 2016?  The percentage of these increases range anywhere from 6% to 32%. 

We also notice that they are no longer offering Express Flat Rate boxes for overseas shipments.

The Worth Company will continue to give you comparable options when choosing the best method for shipping.

December 2015

What does it take to schedule production for 11,000 items?

Ever wonder how we manage to keep about 11,000 products in stock virtually all the time?

Well, it all starts with having the right people in the right jobs. In this case, it’s Brenda Girard who is our Manufacturing Coordinator here at The Worth Company. Brenda constantly monitors and schedules the production of all our products as well as all the components and raw materials used to make them. Quite a task you might think... and you'd be right. Here's how she does it...

All our production items as well as...

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