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July 2019

Did you know that The Worth Company has exhibited in every ASA Trade Show since 1958, including the first show, in Chicago, host to 136 exhibitors? This year’s show in Orlando boasted a record number of exhibitors, 682 to be exact, from 71 different countries. Over 15,000 people attended this year’s show which is the largest buyer, media, and exhibitor event in the Sportfishing industry. 

The Worth Company, as a components manufacturer, attends the show in a slightly different capacity than most exhibitors. Since we supply components to the fishing tackle industry, this is a great...

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March 2019

The Worth Company Team

We want to make your life better, we really do. Every time you choose to do business with The Worth Company, we want to make sure we are meeting all of your expectations throughout the entire process. The experience you’ll have working with us is geared toward building a lasting relationship. That relationship starts with our unmatched customer service.  
Without you, there would be no us! That’s why we strive to make sure all your customer needs are met, starting with the friendly voice that answers the phone. Your call to us initiates the welcoming...

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December 2018

We feel like we’re chasing our tail…
The impossible practice of annual price guarantees.

For over 70 years, The Worth Company has published an annual price list. We'd then live or die with whatever best estimates we had been able to view in our crystal ball for the future. More times than not, economic conditions would change during the following 12 months without much warning. As our economy experiences greater and greater fluctuations, our ability to predict them has decreased dramatically. As an example, this summer Worth announced that we would hold the...

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