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April 2015

We all see advances in electronics like phones, computers and appliances. But there has also been dramatic advances in manufacturing machinery. One of the many types of equipment which Worth uses to make your fishing lure components are punch (or stamping) presses. These presses typically stamp or form parts from large coils of brass, stainless, aluminum, steel, or copper.

Here at Worth, we've recently taken a big step and installed a large state-of-the-art 88-ton high speed stamping press. This amazing piece of equipment is not only extremely fast, it also contains an impressive...

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April 2015

In June, 2014, we wrote about how we were in the process of 5-S’ing our factory and how it helps a company improve just-in-time manufacturing, become more efficient and address any safety concerns. As a reminder, the 5-S stands for sorting, streamlining, shining, standardizing and sustaining.

At this time we are very excited to announce that all departments have been 5-S’d. These departments include: wire, press, screw machines, 4-slides, tool room, maintenance, plating, and assembly (which includes paint and pad).

We are very proud of how all employees are involved with...

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April 2015

It is getting close to the show dates. EFTTEX is in June and ICAST/IFTD is in July. Do you have everything you need to have your products ready?

We are ready to take your orders and get your components to you quickly.

EFTTEX: June 11 – 13, 2015 Warsaw, Poland SOLD OUT
ICAST/IFTD July 15 – 17, 2015 Orlando, FL SOLD OUT

You can contact both show organizations to see about a wait list.