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April 2014
Image of Worth Wire Forms

Innovations in technology are all around us. One area that's particularly interesting for us as a lure components manufacturer is the advancements in automated wire-forming. Our state-of-the-art CNC wire-forming equipment can make the most intricate fishing wire-forms easy to make at high speeds. Where several hand operations used to be required, we can now produce in one operation. Please take a look at this short video we've made demonstrating several custom wire-forms being run on this unique equipment.

April 2014
Image of a Body Lathe

In the lure components business, many of the items we offer are produced on screw machines. Typically, these might be beads or lure bodies. But what exactly is a screw machine? Well, simply stated a screw machine is an automated lathe. Most fishing lure components are made from brass. So in our case, a long (12 foot) brass rod is inserted into a screw machine and rotated at high speeds. While it's spinning, a series of cutting and shaping tools automatically advance to shape the outside of the item. In most cases we also need to drill a hole through the center, so a high-speed drill...

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March 2014
Image of Dave Worth

Here at Worth, we're happy because month after month, statistics are showing that manufacturing is returning to America. That's good for U.S. workers, American employers and ultimately American consumers. U.S. lure manufacturers are finding that they can compete globally by eliminating off-shore transportation costs, sourcing raw materials domestically, and regaining total control over quality and inventory levels. This trend makes us very happy at Worth.

American manufacturing breeds American innovation and creativity. Although it's great for everyone involved, the consumer is the...

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