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May 2014
Image of a Worth Clip N Spin

Our new Clip-n-Spin Clevis was introduced last year.  Being the world’s first stainless steel interchangeable clevis made it very attractive for a number of lure manufacturers.  Well, this year we’ve made it even better.  Our new Clip-n-Spin clevis is made of a stronger and larger diameter wire.  This virtually eliminates any chance of the spinner blade coming off even under extreme conditions.  If you haven’t seen samples of this new concept in clevises, give us a call at 715-344-6081 or send us an email at ...

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April 2014
Image of Denny Rosenthal

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we bring you the news that Ted Bamberger passed away Oct. 27, 2013.  He was 85 and passed away doing what he loved to do every day, swimming.

Ted started the Extex Company in 1976 and Extex was one of the leading exporting firms in the USA.  I had the pleasure of joining Ted’s team in 1989.  He loved traveling overseas visiting customers and then displaying at both trade shows.

Ted had quite a zest for life. Many of you will remember him with a warm smile or doing a quick step at the EFTTEX parties. Over the last few years Ted...

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April 2014
Image of Worth Lure Components

The Worth Company is the world's leader in fishing lure components. We've specialized in making these components for over 70 years, and do it better than anyone. We also make more parts than anyone... about a billion components a year at last count. A billion is a lot... no matter what you're counting.  

How much is a billion? Well, to help understand how large a billion is, a billion minutes ago was about the time of Christ. Or, to count from one to one-billion would take about 30 years. Or, a billion inches would stretch about half way around the world. Or a stack of one billion...

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