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August 2014
NCCT Image

A land trust is a local or regional non-profit organization which helps land owners of unique rural property protect that property and keep it sustainable and unspoiled for future generations. Since The Worth Company recognizes that our industry relies on a healthy unspoiled environment, Worth has donated office space and meeting facilities to our regional land trust here in Central Wisconsin. Having a local land trust under our roof helps us play a role in conserving our local outdoor environment for generations to come. If you’d like to know more about the North Central Conservancy Trust...

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June 2014
Image of Worth Lures

Do your split rings have the strength that you require for your lures? Do your rings stay open after assembling them? When was the last time you had your rings tested?

We all know that a single occurrence of a failed split ring during a “big catch” not only loses a lure, but it can lose a customer as well. For over 70 years we have been making and perfecting split rings and Worth rings are the strongest available anywhere at any price.

So let’s do a pull test challenge. Bring your rings (lures) to ICAST Booth 2411 and let us pull-test your rings. We will compare them to...

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June 2014
Image of Worth 5S Gears

In our relentless effort to get better at everything we do, Worth has been utilizing a process of improving our production methods called “5-S”. The five “S’s” stand for Sorting, Streamlining, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining. These factory improvement methods are part of “Just-In-Time” manufacturing which was developed to help companies like Worth be very efficient at everything we do. This comes from a commitment we made to ourselves several years ago….to be the absolute best at everything we do.

The 5-S procedures are a way to analyze and improve every operation in our...

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