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December 2014
Image of Joseph Worth at a 1950's Trade Show

Unidentified buyer (L) and Joseph Worth Sr. (R) at US trade show early 1950’s.

The roots of The Worth Company lie with Joseph Worth, a German-Canadian immigrant who began the company in 1940. Over the next 74 years, the company was passed on to his son Robert, then his grandson David. With the welcomed addition of David's son Tim about five years ago, the company is entering its 4th generation of Worth leadership. Only about 10% of family businesses manage to survive to a 4th generation, so it's something to be quite proud of. What does that mean for you as a customer? Well, it means that the business owner's pride and commitment have been successfully passed on to...

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November 2014
Image of new Worth Aspen Blades

Old habits can be tough to break. When they affect your business, it's imperative to be able to make good choices and move on. It's for that reason that Worth is offering a whole new series of Willowleaf blades designed to be a perfect cost-effective replacement for an old traditional blade pattern. Worth's new line of Aspen Willowleaf blades are designed to be a perfect substitute for 'traditional' Willowleaf blades sometimes used by other manufacturers. Worth's world famous quality and low pricing is now available for those lure manufactures who have been reluctant to change from their...

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November 2014
Image of Worth Beads in a Bin

You may have noticed that The Worth Company briefly interrupted shipping for the first couple days in October. The reason is because our fiscal year ends the last day of September, and we like to make certain that we have exactly the same inventory quantities that our computer system claims we have. And the best way to do that of course is to count everything.

So what does it take to count 8,000 different items and about 80 million individual parts? Well, the first thing it takes is people... all 63 of us. We completely halt production for a couple of days as everyone chips-in to...

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