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So What's the Deal With Using Windows XP?

Image of Windows XP logo
March 2014

You may have read notices that there will soon be a problem with using Windows XP. Apparently something like 38% of all personal computers are still running Windows XP. Does a big "XP" appear on your screen when you're powering up? If so, then you're PC is still running Microsoft XP. So what exactly is the problem?  On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will stop sending updates for the XP operating system. This means your XP computer will continue to operate just fine, but as new security threats from hackers are discovered, XP won't be updated to resist these new attacks. So your old reliable XP will become kind of a ticking time bomb.  If it's an office or personal PC, it's definitely time to upgrade. If you have an old XP computer just printing shipping labels and not connected to the internet, there's probably not much of a risk. Either way, since Windows XP hasn't been available on a new PC since 2001, you've definitely gotten your money's worth out of that machine.