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New Custom Colors!

October 2019

We realize that having a unique product separates you from your competitors. That’s why rather than offering common off-the-shelf stock painted patterns, we offer a full line of world-class finishes that are extremely durable and allow us to create any pattern and color combination under the sun.

By combining finishes we are able to create products that are truly unique to each customer while always meeting the high standards you expect from The Worth Company. By choosing The Worth Company for all your surface finishing needs, you’ll catch exactly what you want, customers.

We have added a new section to our website and we want you to take a look! The ‘Custom Colors’ tab of our lure components site will take you to a world with nearly endless options, where the biggest limit is your imagination. 

From infinite enamels and metallic colors, to intense fluorescents and brilliant glows, we offer a multitude of finishes to make your products unique. 

We are also extremely proud to offer our Real Feel™ blades and spoons. This technology gives us the ability to add amazing raised textures, patterns and designs to our high quality lure components. You have to feel it!

Finally, our finishing catalog wouldn’t be complete without a best-in-class line of photo realistic bait fish patterns. These popular bait fish are sure to be mistaken for the real thing. Combined with our durable gloss finish, you’ll be sure to catch customers and fish alike.

Take a look for yourself and let us help you put the ‘Extra’ in the Ordinary! Do you want to see your ideas come to life? Supply us with your artwork or work with our design team and we can print your project on any blade! Need a sample pack or pricing? Sample packs of our glow, Real Feel™ and fish patterns are available upon request, as well as many other color sample options. Just give us a call at 715-344-6081 or send us an e-mail to