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It All Starts With Top Notch Customer Service

March 2019

The Worth Company Team

We want to make your life better, we really do. Every time you choose to do business with The Worth Company, we want to make sure we are meeting all of your expectations throughout the entire process. The experience you’ll have working with us is geared toward building a lasting relationship. That relationship starts with our unmatched customer service.  
Without you, there would be no us! That’s why we strive to make sure all your customer needs are met, starting with the friendly voice that answers the phone. Your call to us initiates the welcoming relationship that we all look for. What better way to build that relationship than to give you some insight on our awesome team here at The Worth Company. Take a look below to learn some fun facts about our team!

Sue Burant
Purchasing/Accounts Payable – 3 years with the company
• Loves her job and says the team she works with makes it easy to come to work every day
• Wants to be “Mother Nature” so she could enjoy more sunny days and change the seasons at will
• Big Green Bay Packer fan

Allyssa Holmes 
Customer Service Representative – In her 1st year with the company
• Enjoys the challenge of learning a new industry and is very appreciative of the great team teaching her
• Growing up, wanted to be a doctor
• If she could be any animal, it would be a dog so she could stay home and spend time with her dog Henry

Lindsey Krystozek
Customer Service Representative – 7 years with the company
• Likes that The Worth Company is family oriented and everyone gets along
• A die-hard Chicago Bears fan
• Wants to be Mickey Mouse because he has a great dog, an awesome home and he is always happy and dancing

Rachel Presley
Office Assistant – In her 1st year with the company
• Her favorite thing about The Worth Company is the family-owned and the personal vibe
• Delights in camping
• If given a choice to be any animal, it would be a horse because they are intelligent, strong, and gentle

Brenda Girard
Inventory Control Coordinator – 15 years with the company
• Appreciates having great coworkers and the family atmosphere at The Worth Company
• Loves playing board games and sports with her kids
• Wanted to be a police officer/private investigator growing up

Adam Kolbeck
Manufacturing Sales Representative – 2 years with the company
• Takes pleasure in helping companies bring their new products to market
• Wanted to be a fishing guide growing up
• When he is not working, his favorite outdoor activity is getting out and fishing from his boat

Jen Eggleston
Manufacturing Sales Representative – 2 years with the company
• Favorite part about working at The Worth Company is being valued as an employee
• Would always want it to be summer so she can play softball and beach volleyball
• A Minnesota Vikings fan