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How Important is Quality at Worth?

Image of the Worth Premium Quality logo
January 2015

Well, in a word...essential. All the great services and fancy promises aren't worth a thing if our products don't meet or exceed our customer's expectation. That is why nothing is more important than our dedication to quality here at Worth. We need to pass the discriminating eye of buyers not only in the fishing industry, but also aerospace, automotive, advertising, and window industries. To meet these rigorous demands, we utilize a full time Quality Manager, John Lake. John's days are spent not only double-checking the quality of parts in production, but providing the entire factory with the tools and procedures we all need to make the most perfect parts and highest quality standards available. We also spend significant resources designing and implementing our own specialized inspection equipment. We build everything from inspection guides and gauges to highly sophisticated and automated electronic vision inspection equipment. With our high speed inspection units, we can check our parts in four or more dimensions in 3-D vision at over 6 parts per second. We are current finishing construction of an even faster machine which should be ready by the time you read this article.

All this fancy equipment, personal attention, and company commitment to quality means that you can expect the absolute highest quality lure components from Worth. You shouldn't settle for anything less, and we'll do our very best not to disappoint you.