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5 S'ing

April 2015

In June, 2014, we wrote about how we were in the process of 5-S’ing our factory and how it helps a company improve just-in-time manufacturing, become more efficient and address any safety concerns. As a reminder, the 5-S stands for sorting, streamlining, shining, standardizing and sustaining.

At this time we are very excited to announce that all departments have been 5-S’d. These departments include: wire, press, screw machines, 4-slides, tool room, maintenance, plating, and assembly (which includes paint and pad).

We are very proud of how all employees are involved with cleaning and designing improvements to streamline their areas. By analyzing and improving every operation each department becomes more organized and efficient which means quicker turn around times for you.  

Doing 5-S’ing is a continuous process, as there are always ways to improve. Improvements can be anything from having carts next to a machine with the tools that the operator will need, to organizing material so that they can get it off the shelf quickly. Our goal is to be the absolute best at everything we do and being 5’s is certainly helping us achieve this goal