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Tackle Tips

August 2021

Now UV it, now U-don't

Introducing UV Magic Clear Coat. This is not your father’s UV coating. By combining traditional painting and advanced printing techniques with the most reflective and durable UV coating available, we are able to produce designs that are completely unique and sure to catch your customer’s eye. Scale patterns that magically appear, logos that pop out of the darkness,and fluorescents that shift in color. 
The possibilities are...

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March 2021

We're now offering Olympic blades in our exclusive hex pattern!

Olympic blades have a unique design and have built a tremendous reputation in the Great Northwest for salmon and trout fishing. Carefully balanced and tuned for maximum action, they’re a great option for all types of game fish.  Finished to perfection, our polished and plated blades are highly reflective and our gold-plated blades are of jewelry quality and will not tarnish or discolor. They are available in 2 sizes with a fish-attracting nickel finish, or with any of our custom colors and finishes, so...

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November 2020

Let The Worth Company put the ‘Spin’ in your Spinnerbaits

Did you know that The Worth Company is the ONLY American manufacturer of clevises?

Did you know that The Worth Company has been providing the fisherman with premium quality clevises for over 70 years?

Did you know that The Worth Company provides the fishing tackle industry with tens of millions of clevises annually?!!

What does this all mean?
This means The Worth Company is the #1 supplier of premium quality clevises in our industry. We have five clevis choices, one of which...

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