All together now, Worth Wire Forming Tools, bring it all together now.

From our Made in America headquarters in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, The Worth Company doesn’t just manufacture OEM fishing lure components, we also provide the hobbyist and the distributor with the tools and resources to assemble finished products. Think of us as a fishing components manufacturer that allows you to be a fishing lure manufacturer.

Here are a few of the tools we can provide you.

  • Our fly tying vice is ideal for recreational fisherman, for use in fly tying kits, or even for experts who want to provide instruction to hobbyists
  • The Worth Split Ring Plier is a multi-use utility tool for assembling or removing split rings; it’s affordably priced and constructed in zinc-plated steel
  • Our patented Wire Forming Tool allows users to make required bends, loops and eyes in stainless or wire shafts
  • The Worth Industrial Wire Former is just that, industrial – it’s perfect for intermediate size fishing lure manufacturers looking to add flexibility and efficiency to their operations
  • The Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Former takes it a step further with its ability to configure heavier gauge wire shafts

You can only produce the best tools in the trade if you’re the number one provider in the trade. Since 1941, The Worth Company has remained the leader in fishing lure and fishing tackle components.

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