American made swivels. The highest quality, most trusted swivel in the world.

Our Ball Bearing Swivels have been developed to the most precise engineering specifications in the fishing industry, allowing them to spin more freely than any other swivel available. All of our swivels are available in bulk quantities and sold at wholesale prices. We offer a variety of fishing swivels including Ball Bearing Swivels, Ball Bearing Swivels with Rings and Barrel Swivels.

More About Our Swivels

  • Ball Bearing Swivels feature polished, stainless steel ball bearings for a smooth spinning action
  • Ball Bearing Swivels with Rings are available with a Nickel finished split ring for perfect balance and enhanced performance
  • Our Swivels are offered in polished Brass or Nickel finishes and are engineered to prevent kinking and twisting of fishing lines
  • All swivels are sold in bulk quantities and are available at wholesale prices

Whether it’s Ball Bearing Swivels, Ball Bearing Swivels with Rings or Swivels, The Worth Company’s Made in America products are the finest OEM fishing components in the fishing tackle industry.

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