It’s an exact science to make a spoon that wobbles yet is perfectly balanced.

Our spoons are engineering masterpieces that bring joy to master fishermen. The Worth Company manufactures all of its American made Casting and Trolling Spoons under one roof, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality fishing lure components at the best wholesale prices.

More About Our Spoons

  • Worth Casting Spoons are the fastest wobbling and best-balanced spoons on the market today, and all are available in either a smooth or hammered finish
  • We offer economical steel Casting Spoons
  • Our Brass Casting Spoons offer the best corrosion protection and are manufactured from material ranging in thickness .018’’ - .045’’
  • Trolling spoons, which are designed for the best action at higher speeds, are available in a variety sizes
  • Our exclusive hex pattern Trolling Spoons send out laser-like light reflection in hundreds of directions at once, making it one of the most visible patterns ever developed
  • All Casting and Trolling Spoons are available in our high quality finishes; polished brass and nickel plated

As the leading American OEM in the fishing lure component industry, all of our products are proudly manufactured in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

How to Order

How They're Made: Spinner Blades and Spoons

How They're Made: Spinner Blades and Fishing Spoons