Our variety of spinner blades will, well, make your head spin.

It’s good to know that we have all of the shapes, sizes, weights and materials that any fisherman could only imagine. At The Worth Company, our American made Spinner Blades represent the highest standard in the fishing tackle industry. The design, materials and manufacturing processes of our brass, steel and aluminum Spinner Blades have been refined and fine-tuned since the 1940s, providing clients with the best quality and bulk pricing available in the fishing tackle industry.

The Worth Company manufactures all popular Spinner Blade styles, sizes, and varieties, including smooth, hammered, and hex pattern.

  • Our lightweight Badger Blades are manufactured with a thinner gauge material than standard blades
  • Our heaviest-weight Magnum Blades are ideal for the largest of game fish.
  • Our Whiptail and Serrated Blades have a distinct shape and style unmatched within the industry
  • The Worth Company has pioneered traditional blade designs including Colorado, Indiana, Willow Leaf, French, Swing, Fluted, and Olympic Blades
  • All Spinner Blades and finishes are kept in stock, except for gold plated blades. Gold plated blades require extra time for production

The Worth Company is the leading OEM in the fishing lure component industry and all of our products are manufactured in the USA at our production facility in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

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How They're Made: Spinner Blades and Spoons

How They're Made: Spinner Blades and Fishing Spoons