Tools & Machines

Fishing Lure Tools and Machines

Worth’s range of wire formers and tools are designed for everyone from the lure making hobbyists to large volume manufacturers. 

The Fly Tying Vise is an ideal vise for fly tying kits, fly tying classes and quantity users who require a good but inexpensive vise. The vise has no rivets to break or cause repairs, and is stamped from high quality steel and is nickel plated. 

Our Wire Forming Tool allows you to make all types of bends, loops and eyes in stainless or tinned music wire. This sturdy tool is excellent for short production runs or specialized operations.

Our Industrial Wire Former is a commercial grade wire forming tool designed for the demanding requirements of intermediate size fishing lure manufacturers.  This tool allows for great flexibility in creating a variety of wire shafts. Configurations such as end-eyelets, spring & lock twists, buzz bait forms, spinner bait forms, jig spinners, center-shaft twists, and a variety of specialized kinks and bends can be created. This unit is constructed of machined aluminum with bronze bearings. All forming pins and points are replaceable. Each unit includes pins and fixtures and is available in .018” (.46mm) to .051” (1.30mm) wire diameters. 

The Worth Model 85 wire shaft forming machine creates the perfect closed wrapped eyelets (we call them Type A). All you need to do is insert a straight shaft and press a foot pedal and you have a finished eyelet in seconds. You can even include a split ring or swivel within the eyelet being formed. The machine works with .018” (.46mm) to .034” (.87mm) wire diameters. 

Our Model 9000 is a split ring assembly machine. The machine is a fully automated self-indexing device for attaching split rings to one or more independent components.  The machine works with split ring sizes 2 ½  through size 6. This machine helps eliminate fatigue and harmful rotary wrist movement often found to be a problem in manual operations. 

The Model 90050 Heavy Weight Split Ring Assembly Machine is designed for use with heavier split rings. The split rings are manually placed in the machine, which then opens and rotates the ring around the part to be assembled. The machine can be built to accommodate Worth standard and heavy weight split rings size 5 and larger.